Helen is a consultant Clinical Psychologist working with families and children (from pre-schoolers to adolescents) where there are emotional, social, behavioural or learning concerns.  After obtaining her Psychology degree, she trained and worked as a teacher of young primary school children before moving on to clinical training.  Her PhD was on pre-schoolers' friendships and peer relationships.  She worked for many years as a practising clinical psychologist at Charing Cross Hospital, London.  She has a long-standing interest in dyslexia and specific learning difficulties, and was a consultant psychologist at the Dyslexia Institute (now Dyslexia Action). She was also for fifteen years the School Counsellor at a large co-educational school. She is the mother of two teenage children (just becoming students) one of whom has specific learning difficulties.
Valerie is a Consultant Clinical Psychologist with a wide range of experience working with young children's learning, emotional and behaviour problems.  Her PhD from the Institute of Child Health, University College London, examined the language and reading development of young children with brain damage, and her work at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children centres on assessing the needs of children with neurological problems.  She also holds Honorary Research Fellowships at the Institute of Child Health and at the Centre for Reading and Language, University of York.  She has carried out research into children's early reading development and has a special interest in assessing and advising on children's learning problems, in particular dyslexia and related difficulties.
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