Is my child ready for school?
Here are some of the skills you can help your child  to develop so that he or she is well placed for a happy and successful start to school life:
-         good speech and language
-         being prepared for the ups and downs of school life
-         becoming independent
-         making friends and building social skills
-         learning to behave
-      learning to concentrate
-      preparing for reading, number work and writing
Why is my child struggling at school?
Here are some of the learning difficulties that contribute to children struggling at school:

…means difficulties in reading and spelling that are out of keeping with the child’s other 
abilities;  these difficulties are caused by an inability to link sounds in words with printed letters.

...means difficulties with motor (movement) coordination and usually also visual perception that 
affect handwriting, organisation and “spatial “ tasks like map-reading, drawing and design.
Dyscalculia (maths difficulties)                            
...means difficulties in understanding number concepts and carrying out numerical calculations that 
are out of keeping with the child’s other abilities

ADHD and Attention difficulties
...means poor concentration, acting impulsively without thinking and overactivity so extreme that 
these behaviours interfere with adults’ (teachers and parents) ability to cope with the child

Specific Language Impairment(SLI)
...means the child’s understanding and use of spoken language are not up to the level of their visual and practical skills
Does my child have behavioural problems?
Here are some of the kinds of problems that many parents worry about – and may need advice and help with:
-          not doing what he/she is told
-          using bad language or being physically aggressive
-          temper and tantrums
-          sleeping, eating and toileting problems
-          being anxious and fearful
-      trouble with friendships
-      bullying
Parent’s Concerns